Girnar Mahatirth

With a peak that speaks with the skies and cuddles with the clouds, words fall short whilst singing the glory of gracious Girnar.

Just like a generous donor redeems the poor, a fearless fighter protects the meek and a skilled doctor cures the diseased, a shrine eliminates the cycle of birth and death.

The internal and external beauty of the glorious mountain shrine of Girnar is extremely enthralling. Just like the beauty of a castle magnifies amidst seven fortresses, the beauty of Girnar multiplies manifold as it stands tall amidst seven fort-like hills. Its ethereal beauty serenades our minds with verdure nature blossoming and water falls gushing. Further enhancing its allure, are the series of black boulders surrounding it from all sides.

And as if to add icing to the cake, complementing its mesmerizing external beauty is the fact that is also eternal just like the mountain shrine of Shatrunjay and is the fifth peak of the Shatrunjay mountains. Infinite Tirthankars (Lords) have been to Girnar and have attained salvation here. For innumerable other Tirthankars, this has been the place where they renounced the world, attained omniscience and/or achieved salvation. Girnar is hailed all over, in hell, heaven and in the mortal world, as a place that helps priests, saints, seers, devotees and seekers all achieve self-realization and internal bliss.

The glory of Girnar.. may our minds meditate on it, may we use our words to reminisce on it, may our ears hear it, may our conscience delve into it and may we hold it close to our hearts..

Oh when shall I see the mountains of Girnar
And when will I meet Lord Neminath

With pining in our heart, let us bind such thoughts with commitment....

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Girnar Mahatirth - 99 Yatra
All are cordially invited to participate in Girnarji 99 Yatra.


Girnar Mahatirth - 99 Yatra
All are cordially invited to participate in Girnarji 99 Yatra.